About NESter Radio:

      NESter radio originally started as Seijinohki PC Services' Music broadcast of OC Remix music, KCET music and music unavailable in the continental US. It's gimmick was that it was originally hosted on a PC built in side a classic Nintendo. It soon evolved into an all request site, however due to technical glitches and issues, this had to be taken down. We had continued running various streams, but now we no longer stream any music.  I do still occasionally record new shows. We also at one point aired and hosted the site for KCET Radio, a radio show hosted by Tim Hurtt, however, we haven't heard from him, so we discontinued this service.  If sometime in the near future we do, we'll continue to air.


     The NES PC featured fully capable lights, USB ports via NES controller dongle, and stock power/reset switches. The cart slot became a DVD slot, and it's power was a 1GHZ Nehemian processor with 40GB of hard drive space. The video card was nothing special and built on, plus in the back it had your standard built on mother board features including lan and 6.1 surround sound.
     Unfortunately however, these poorly taken photos are all that remains of NESter. It's long since dead and the case remains in peices in a closet.

<- Dig those old Roland CS-10's. 

The meaning of NESter (not what you thought it was eh?)

NESter to most people right away think, cute it's in a NES so it's name is the NES with ter added on it.


While NESter was named NESter because it was in a NES casing, it's origin is a bit more complex. In the late 80's / early 90's, (Can't remember exactly when.) there was a comic in Nintendo Power magazine called "Howard and Nester". Nester is the slap stick moron who is always screwing up an adventure whilst his Nerdy co-host Howard is always 2 steps ahead of him. For more information on this comic, visit this suprisingly not created by us wiki: Nester.

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