What We do

Seijinohki PC Services and Software exists for 2 purposes: A branding label for our open source products and Contracting / Subcontracting of work.  We do any kind of development and design work involving: php, asp, asp.net (C#), C#, silverlight, flash, C++, C, pearl, html/xml, javascript, AJAX, prototype and Jquery, and much much more.  We have been in business since 2002.

The Meaning of Seijinohki

The meaning is well somewhat simplistic.
How it got it's name is very strange.
My first computer was named Ryoohki, named after the cabbit from Tenchi Muyo. A cabbit for those that do not know is a half cat, half rabbit creature. I called my server seijinohki, because ryo means demon. Ohki unfortunately means ship so it's a bit silly. But the first computer I named ryoohki was a really crappy 386. So I named this one seijin, which means saint. However this one is still kinda crappy. Hence why we are using as the server. My newest personal computer is called/named beercan. I was calling it seijinohki for a while, but that's because it had parts from seijinohki originally in it. I just managed to replace them all eventually, and still have the parts to reassemble seijinohki.

Who are Ciencia & Catsandra

A while back Ciencia was used as the mascot on the front page and Catsandra is the catgirl person in SSC. In an concept art file, most people mistook a little blue bunny next to her to be seijinohki, but he's not. Officially I have no name for him. Though Seijinohki is supposed to be a blue cabbit. Ciencia was a character for a series I started to write called Ameraterrus. Which is latin for planet of love, or loving planet. This later became the basis for the game Sakura Sol Crisis.

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